Galaxy Note 7 recall refuseniks face new action

owners of the Galaxy Note 7 who ignored a recall face a fresh effort to make them return the fire-risk phones.

Trump rally powers Goldman Sachs profits

The stock market rally that followed Donald Trump’s surprise win helps profits soar.

CIA releases 13 million declassified documents online

briefings, flying saucer sightings and psychic tests are all part of the archive.

Obama administration gives $500m to UN climate change fund

The payment to the UN Green Climate Fund was announced before Donald Trump takes office.

Moth with 'golden flake hairstyle' named after Donald Trump

The moth, which has a wingspan of just over a centimetre, was discovered in .

On the banks of two majestic US rivers

Jon Kay talks to people working on the busiest inland waterway about maintaining the locks, and what Donald Trump could do for them.

Who is Chelsea Manning?

President Obama is commuting the 29-year-old’s .

Mud hut periods

BBC Nepali reporter Krishnamaya on that tradition that forces menstruating into outhouses.

Green-eyed girl: Photo 'caused problems'

Afghan ‘cover girl’ speaks exclusively to the BBC about life back in her homeland.

MH370 mystery

Mystery around MH370 may remain after the search was halted, as the BBC’s Anna Jones reports.

Syrian conflict: What's left of Aleppo's Great Mosque?

The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen has visited the site of Aleppo’s Umayyad to see what’s left after the war in Syria.

Enduring lessons

How ‘s deadliest train crash – 40 years ago on Wednesday – reshaped its response to disasters.

Tsukiji fish seller: 'My family has sold tuna for 170 years'

As Tokyo’s legendary market prepares to move, a third-generation tuna seller tells his story.

Golden idea

Internet Charles Chen Yidan is going to award $8m per year to education projects.

Awaiting the cut

The dark mood inside the iconic Tsukiji market ahead of a controversial move to a new location.