Duke and Duchess make flying visit to Vancouver

The Duke and were greeted by crowds in Vancouver after arriving by seaplane.

How golfer Arnold Palmer defined sports marketing

How golfer Arnold Palmer defined the between sport and brands, becoming the first sportsman to use his fame to build a business empire.

Five things you may not know about Arnold Palmer

Five facts about golfer Arnold Palmer

Gunman opens fire at Houston mall

A number of people have been wounded in a shooting at a in Houston in the US state of Texas, reports say.

Spain Bankia fraud trial for ex-IMF boss Rodrigo Rato

Former IMF chief Rodrigo Rato and 64 other bankers go on trial in over an alleged credit card racket at Spain’s troubled Bankia bank.

Deutsche Bank shares hit new low

Shares in one of ‘s largest banks, Deutsche, hit a new low after a weekend report says Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled out giving it state aid.

Getting organised

reports on how organisation could be key to the White House race, in a campaign dominated so far by personality.

US golf legend Arnold Palmer dies at 87

golfer Arnold Palmer, widely regarded as one of the greatest players in the sport’s history, has died at the age of 87.

Paris St-Germain's Serge Aurier given two-month jail term

Coast footballer Serge Aurier, who plays for Paris St-Germain, is sentenced to two months in jail for assaulting a police officer.

Graffiti artist brightens up Finnish prison

The state art commission asks a artist to perk up Vantaa prison’s walls.

From hawk to dove

A profile of Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombian President who negotiated a peace deal with the rebel group to put an end to more than 50 years of conflict.

German economy expecting golden autumn, says Ifo head

The German is expecting a “golden autumn”, says the head of the Ifo Institute, as its closely-watched business survey shows confidence jumping.

UK 'has never been more addicted to smartphones'

One in three people check their phone in the middle of the night and admit their overuse is causing rows with partners, according to a report by .

Austria's Graz airport stops woman with husband's entrails

Bemused Austrian customs find a man’s entrails in the bags of a Moroccan woman who travelled to Graz airport.

Azerbaijan votes on plan to boost presidential powers

Azerbaijanis vote in a referendum on that would further boost President Ilham Aliyev’s grip on power.