FBI failed to access 7,000 encrypted mobile devices

Encryption has become “a huge, huge problem” for investigations, director says.

Possible serial killer 'terrorising' Florida neighbourhood

Police warn to be on high alert after three people were shot dead within 10 days.

Airborne walnut particles linked to Canadian man's death

An inspector went into anaphylactic shock after 20 minutes on an Alberta work site.

McCain in coded attack on Trump Vietnam draft deferment

The Republican noted Mr Trump’s medical excuse while how the wealthy avoided the war.

Canadian man fined for loudly singing Everybody Dance Now

Montreal’s Taoufik Moalla says he is contesting the ticket for “screaming in a public place”.

Amazon receives 200-plus headquarters proposals

Cities across North America are competing to be home to ‘s next hub.

Balancing the books

The father of double-entry bookkeeping wrote the definitive guide in 1494.

'We're not going to have war'

South Koreans say they have been reassured by the country’s show of might.

Shock and awe

Data show the top leader has overseen a clear-out of not witnessed since the days of Mao.

After the battlefield

After being driven out of , there are concerns jihadists could return home to carry out attacks.

UK diver swims to safety after Australia shark scare

John Craig says he was initially “followed” before making his way to safety in .

Japan PM Shinzo Abe promises to handle North Korea threat

pledges strong “counter-measures” against Pyongyang after a decisive election win.

Danish horse owners face waiting list to feed the lions

Owners in Denmark have a six month wait if they want to feed their recently deceased to wild animals.

FBI agent reveals life infiltrating extremist groups in America

The American Muslim is an active agent who befriends key figures plotting jihadist attacks.

Deadly typhoon kills three in Japan

Hundreds of homes in west were flooded.