Mexico earthquake as it struck

A strong earthquake has struck central Mexico, killing more than 220 people and toppling dozens of in the capital, Mexico City.

How the world reacted to Trump's UN speech

What did the global gathering at the UN make of the speech by US President ?

Shots fired

The shooting of a student raises a question – why do US police shoot people carrying knives?

Trump's first UN speech met with criticism from some leaders

The president’s first key speech at the UN was denounced by some member nations he had singled out.

Equifax data breach snares 100,000 Canadians

Social security numbers, drivers licenses and numbers may have been leaked in the hack.

Pyramid selling

Low levels of education have fuelled the spread of illegal and harmful pyramid schemes in rural .

'Blue Whale' panic

Panic over the rumoured ‘suicide challenge’ grips even as internet experts call it a hoax.

Some Auckland petrol stations run out of fuel after burst pipe

Flights have also been cancelled after a damaged pipeline disrupted supplies to the .

BBC reporter tries to question Aung San Suu Kyi over Rohingya crisis

The BBC’s Jonah Fisher tries to question over Rohingya crisis.

Youth v experience

Will being “someone different” see Labour’s young new leader oust the Nationals?

David Maraga hits back at 'threats' over Kenya election re-run

The is defiant amid violent protests and criticism after he annulled last month’s poll.

'Remove racist' Native American tapestry from public display

A group representing American Indians says the work depicts native peoples as “savages”.

Health groups condemn new Republican Obamacare repeal plan

Medical organisations say the bill would end up “endangering access to critical care for “.

Trump: US would destroy North Korea if forced to defend itself

The US president condemns “rogue nations” in his debut to the UN General Assembly.

Men only

The case of a woman fined for peeing in an alleyway has sparked a debate about sexism.